“Kê Gà” Lighthouse


Ke Ga National Park is located in Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, 30km south of Phan Thiet city. This is called the lighthouse on a land protruding about 500m beach shaped like the head of the chicken. Few people know the Ke Ga Lighthouse, a new interesting stop in Phan Thiet. This tourist attraction is attracting many tourists who like to explore a unique architecture, just want to relax amidst natural scenery, romantic.
Located on Khe Ga Island, the island is considered as the most beautiful place in the sea of ​​Ham Thuan Nam, the Ke Ga Lighthouse with a strong stand, soaring on the blue sky as a confirmation of the position between a region the beautiful blue sea, the blue of the sky, the white of the long sandy beaches, the blue of the lagoon and the pink and white granite cliffs make this place look like. charming, pristine and peaceful.
Built in February 1897, designed by French architect Snavat, the tower is 35 meters high, with a total height of 65 meters and a 3 meter The height of the tower is 2.5 m, the thickness of the tower wall is 6 m, the height of the tower is 1.6 m, the height is reduced from 1.5 m and the thinnest is 1 m. The tower has a large bulb of 2,000W, with a scanning radius of 22 nautical miles, equivalent to 40 km, used as a signal to guide the ship back and forth.

Guests will take a walk around the island will see the whole island from different angles, to see the beauty of each porcelain, each row, each array of marble in the sunshine and especially tops Lighthouse is like the majestic point of the sea.
In addition to the lighthouse also has a large square 40m each side, under the house is a deep water tank 3m, in front of the house there is a well called Tien well. Around the lighthouse there are two rows of porcelains along the way Until the present, the French have been shading throughout the year, contributing to a special feature of this land.
After exploring the history of the lighthouse, visitors can cross the 184 steel spiral staircase leading up to the top of the tower to enjoy the unbelievably high-pitched whirlwind when zooming in to the four clouded sides of the sky. watching nature, life. At the entrance of Hai Dang there was a large granite carved in 1899
Observe carefully, visitors will see that these are not ordinary stones have four corners that all the blocks used to build marble lighthouse are carved into each box, each shape matched with each other.
A weekend trip with family and relatives in Ham Thuan Nam Beach will not only help you relax, revitalize the white sandy beaches but also to explore the more enduring beauty. 100 years of Ke Ga Lighthouse.
The lighthouse is located on a small island 500m away from the sea: Ke Ga Lighthouse with a strong stand, soaring on the blue sky as the position confirmed the beautiful sea, blue sea of ​​sea water The blue of the sky, the white of the long sandy beaches, the blue of the lagoon and the pink and white granite cliffs give this place an unforgettable charm, pristine and peaceful.
Want to come to the lighthouse, people use the basket boat shaking out and through the lighthouse keepers to visit. As soon as you stop by the inn, the innkeepers will ask you if you intend to visit the lighthouse. On the island can see the sunrise or sunset are.

What makes a special impression for visitors when coming to Mui Ke Ga are the rocks lying on the beach. The rocks are large enough to be large, small and square in shape, with short, long legs exposed to the beach as the “battle”. The people here are like stone gardens. Some of the cliffs protruding from the sea are used as the ideal place to let go. In addition to the rocky beach, the beach here also has beautiful white sand beach suitable for bathing guests, sunbathing and participating in camp fire activities, outdoor parties

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